RO Hjahanir


Hjahanir is a purple giant gecko-like creature with a two sail-like crests, one smaller crest on its back and one bigger, regenerative yet venomous sail on its head. Hjahanir's staple battle strategy is spitting hazardous material from its mouth that will hit the ground in various patterns, while other strategies include jumping to the air to slam its opponents, tail-slamming and spinning its body in a tail-chasing manner. Hjahanir's signature attack isn't actually an attack but rather a defense mechanism: it will coat itself in harmful mucus that inflicts damage to melee attackers when agitated, this power is linked to its head crest.


"It used to be similar to Fafnir, but it has evolved further, becoming something even closer to a reptile. There are many who carelessly attack its distinctive crest, and wind up the victims of its counter attack. Careful observation is necessary before taking on Hjahanir"

-Mercenary Book, Entry: Hjahanir



Breakable pointsEdit

  • Crest on Head (note: crest regenerates, effect: some of the monster's attacks give no more poison)
  • Crest on Back


Rarity Skills Cost

Poison Attack Lv.1

Deadly Poison Attack Lv.1


High Tension

Deadly Poison Resist Lv.1

★★★(3) Adrenaline Rush Lv.1 5
★★★★(4) Hjahanir Skin 15

Fast Charge: Hammer

Stagger Resist Down Lv.1

★★★★★★(6) Tension Up Lv.3

Stun Resist Down Lv.1

★★★★★★★(7) Hjahanir Edge 10
★★★★★★★★(8) Sword Charge Up 10

Invincible Aerial Step Up

Stun Resist Up Lv.3

★★★★★★★★★★(10) Hjahanir Spirit 20