RO Grendel


Grendel is a greater giant, and one of the earliest bosses the player encounters (although at this point, he is not meant to be fought). He returns as a mandatory boss in later chapters. He boasts a gorilla-like stature that reaches the height of a two (perhaps three or more) story building. During battles against him, the player must make use of the Scales Talisman in order to strike his arms and upper body. Most of his attacks consist of him swinging his arms, smashing the ground, and breathing toxic materials; however, his deadliest attack is his body slam in which he would pound his chest repetitively, spraying his sweat around, "marking" any who get hit in advance. Once someone is marked, Grendel will proceed to leap into the air, and land on the target. It is almost impossible to avoid this attack once marked. On other occasions, Grendel executes harmless actions, such as taunting and showing off his solid muscles in typical bodybuilder poses. These taunts can be misleading, as the giant will make a similar pose before executing his body slam maneuver. 


"A giant who has no similar traits to other giants. He has a strange mask on his face. He is an odd creature that is proud of his body. Even in the midst of battle, he does not fail to show off his muscles. He uses his immense bulk in a perfectly coordinated attack to cause mass destruction."

-Mercenary Book, Entry: Grendel

"After the fort raid, it was thought he had been mortally wounded. There was no sign of him anywhere. However, he was found sleeping without a care by the Ifing river. All of his previous wounds have healed. I start to become doubtful that this giant can ever be completely defeated."

-Mercenary Book, Entry: Grendel 2


Base HP-40,000

Base Atk-330

Base Def-112



Breakable PointsEdit

  • Armguards (effect: Increases damage dealt to the arms)
  • Butt
  • Bristles around neck


Rarity Skills Cost

Attack Up Lv.5

-Defense Down Lv.5


HP Up Lv.5

AP Down Lv.4

★★★(3) Stun Resist Up Lv.3 15
★★★★(4) Heretic Power 30

Blaze DS

Sp Economy


Berserk Lv.4

Invincible Step Down

★★★★★★★(7) Mighty Strike 20
★★★★★★★★(8) Tension Relax 30

Improve Smackdown

Improve Stun Lv.5


Heretic's Emblem

(Extreme Knockback)